Over 360 million Christians suffer persecution and discrimination. They follow Jesus, no matter the cost. With your help, we’re bringing them resources and hope.

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World Watch List

Open Doors’ annual ranking of the countries where Christians face the most extreme persecution.

World Watch List Map
“BD” – Bangladesh Capital city – Dhaka Population – 168,957,745 “BF” – Burkina Faso Capital city – Ouagadougou Population – 13,228,000 “BN” – Brunei Capital city – Bandar Seri Begawan Population – 422,675 “BT” – Bhutan Capital city – Thimphu Population – 758,288 “CF” – Central African Republic Capital city – Bangui Population – 4,216,666 “ER” – Eritrea Capital city – Asmara Population – 6,086,495 “ID” – Indonesia Capital city – Jakarta Population – 267,663,435 “MR” – Mauritania Capital city – Nouakchott Population – 3,359,185 “MX” – Mexico Capital city – Mexico City Population – 126,577,691 “QA” – Qatar Capital city – Doha Population – 2,795,484 “SO” – Somalia Capital city – Mogadishu Population – 10,251,568 “SY” – Syria Capital city – Damascus Population – 22,142,061 “VN” – Vietnam Capital city – Hanoi Population – 97,338,579 “ET” – Ethiopia Capital city – Addis Ababa Population – 112,269,301 “TR” – Turkey Capital city – Ankara Population – 80,810,525 “TN” – Tunisia Capital city – Tunis Population – 11,403,800 “KP” – North Korea Capital city – Pyongyang Population – 25,713,000 “KW” – Kuwait Capital city – Kuwait City Population – 4,052,584 “CO” – Colombia Capital city – Bogotá Population – 51,895,000 “MA” – Morocco Capital city – Rabat Population – 36,910,560 “DZ” – Algeria Capital city – Algeria Population – 43,851,044 “LY” – Libya Capital city – Tripoli Population – 5,670,688 “SD” – Sudan Capital city – Khartoum Population – 43,849,260 “SA” – Saudi Arabia Capital city – Riyadh Population – 34,218,000 “JO” – Jordan Capital city – Amman Population – 6,500,000 “IR” – Iran Capital city – Tehran Population – 79,966,230 “MZ” – Mozambique Capital city – Maputo Population – 28,829,476 “CD” – Democratic Republic of Congo Capital city – Kinshasa Population – 89,561,403 “NG” – Nigeria Capital city – Abuja Population – 206,139,589 “CM” – Cameroon Capital city – Yaounde Population – 16,322,000 “KZ” – Kazakhstan Capital city – Nur-Sultan Population – 18,690,115 “LA” – Laos Capital city – Vientiane Population – 6,477,211 “UZ” – Uzbekistan Capital city – Toshkent Population – 31,100,500 “AF” – Afghanistan Capital city – Kabul Population – 33,928,493 “PK” – Pakistan Capital city – Islamabad Population – 206,139,589 “IN” – India Capital city – New Delhi Population – 1,414,843,757 “NP” – Nepal Capital city – Kathmandu Population – 28,825,709
Levels of persecution:
  •   Extreme
  •   Very High
  •   High
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2022 ranking
  1. Afghanistan
  2. North Korea
  3. Somalia
  4. Libya
  5. Yemen
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Prayer and praise

Maria (name changed) in Central Asia was in a taxi on her way home from church when her Muslim driver, realising Maria’s Christian faith, sexually assaulted and then beat her. Pray for full psychological and physical healing for Maria.
Aisha and her family had to flee their home in Chad because of persecution – but your prayers and support, they are back on their feet with a small business. Thank God for using Open Doors supporters to comfort this family.
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    Courageous Christians

    These believers are bravely following Jesus despite enormous opposition, or raising support and awareness for the persecuted church. This is the worldwide family of Christians.

    Mehr India
    Mehr (name changed) in India was violently attacked for her faith – then denied treatment at hospital. Thanks to people like you, she is getting vital support. Meet Mehr
    Meet Mehr
    Charity Nigeria
    Charity’s village was attack by Islamic militants Boko Haram. Now, thanks to your prayers and gifts, she and her family are receiving healing through Open Doors trauma care. Meet Charity
    Meet Charity
    Rebekah was badly injured in the Easter church bombings in Sri Lanka, and several close relatives were killed. Today, she is still faithfully following the Lord.
    Meet Rebekah
    Joseph Syria
    Joseph was helped by Open Doors partners – thanks to you – and has now been able to open a business. Syrian Christians like Joseph often face intense persecution for their faith. More about Syria
    Meet Joseph
    Madhobi Bangladesh
    Madhobi is one of the vulnerable Christians in Bangladesh benefiting from a goat-rearing project to generate income. “I am very happy. I am very lucky,” she says. Meet Madhobi
    Meet Madhobi
    Pengdwende Burkina Faso
    Pastor Pengdwende had to flee his community in Burkina Faso, along with many other believers, after violent jihadist attacks. More on Burkina Faso
    Meet Pengdwende
    “People who had never even seen us were praying for us when we could not.” Praba is so grateful for your prayers, after her son was killed in a church bombing. Meet Praba
    Meet Praba
    Bae North Korea
    Bae (name changed) has a life sentence of backbreaking labour and starvation – all because she was found with a Bible. Read her story of fleeing North Korea, and choosing to go back. Meet Bae
    Meet Bae