23 August 2022

Adam leaves Saudi Arabia to reunite with family in safe country

Thank you for your prayers and messages of support for Adam, a believer from Saudi Arabia who has suffered enormously since becoming a Christian three years ago. Following an escalation in hostility and discussions with friends, Adam has now left the country to be reunited with his family abroad – a decision he has wrestled with given his desire to serve Jesus in Saudi Arabia. All names in this article have been changed for security reasons.

After much wrestling, Adam has decided to leave Saudi Arabia to rejoin his family abroad

Please continue to pray for Adam from Saudi Arabia, who has made the difficult decision to leave the country. It comes as the ongoing court battles, hostility from wider family and separation from his wife and children have taken a huge toll, leading friends to convince him to join his family abroad. 

Imprisoned, whipped and separated from family

Since becoming a Christian three years ago, Adam has had multiple charges levelled at him. 

In June, he was fined the equivalent around £56,000, having been found guilty of a fabricated charge of stealing that he had earlier been acquitted of. This has been appealed but it’s unclear what the current status of this is.

Meanwhile, Adam is waiting to serve a three-month prison sentence for telling others about Jesus, and a court date has yet to be set for his role in helping his sister-in-law, Eve, flee the country because of persecution. He has previously spent time in prison and been lashed under a separate charge of importing Bibles to Saudi Arabia. 

In July, Adam made the heartrending decision to send his wife, Hope, and son, Andrew, abroad for their own safety whilst he battled the charges and faced the prospect of imprisonment. 

Adam wrestles with decision to leave Saudi Arabia

Following an escalation in hostility and discussions with friends, Adam has now joined Hope and Andrew in a safe country. Earlier this month, Adam was beaten up by a group of men at the order of his brother-in-law. He fell on sharp iron and badly cut his leg, resulting in a substantial loss of blood. He was released from hospital, only to be sent to prison for a night.

According to his church friends, events have left Adam visibly discouraged and emotional, with Adam repeatedly saying that he just wants to go to heaven. But he was determined to stay, to serve Jesus in the country and set a good example to his family and other believers by bravely persevering, despite the suffering. However, friends convinced him that his priority is to care for his family. 

“Each persecuted believer’s journey is different, and no one walks in their shoes except them”


One of his friends, Latifah, understands Adam’s torment. “If all persecuted believers leave their country, who will remain to share Christ with the lost in their country?” she says. “Who will share Christ with their family and friends?” 

“These are questions that the persecuted wrestle with,” Latifah continues. “Each persecuted believer’s journey is different, and no one walks in their shoes except them. Adam proved himself willing to suffer persecution. He endured through painful suffering and loss. He remained faithful and continued serving the Lord through sharing the gospel. Many came to know the Lord through him.”

“Adam fought hard to remain in Saudi Arabia. He could have chosen to leave before the persecution intensified. But he stayed as he felt Saudi Arabia was his home and he desired to serve the Lord here. While his departure seems like a loss for the believers from a Muslim background in the country, he will continue to serve the Lord in his new country.”

Latifah points to Jesus’ words in Matthew 10:23: “When you are persecuted in one place, flee to another. I tell you the truth, you will not finish going through the cities of Israel before the Son of Man comes.”

Your pivotal role in encouraging the family and praying for them

Please continue to pray for Adam, Hope and Andrew, as well as Matthew – he’s the couple’s other son, who fled Saudi Arabia after joining forces with his father to help Eve flee the country. 

And thank you to all of you who wrote to Adam and the family. You’ve joined with Christians around the world in sending a total of 2,189 messages of encouragement. This includes several from other believers from a Muslim background. Each message has been a source of enormous strength to the family. 

Please note: the letter-writing campaign for Adam and his family has now closed, so please do not send in any further messages. Thank you!

  • That God will provide a loving and caring Christian church where they can feel at home and be nourished in their faith
  • For God’s provision of the family’s daily needs, and for the family to find inner healing after all they’ve been through
  • That God will continue to strengthen and build His church in Saudi Arabia.

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